A Treat for You...20% off, No Trick!

Good morning lovelies! Hope you all weathered the weekends bad weather & enjoyed an excuse to be lazy!  We're sure most of you were on the edge of your seats ( & maybe yelling at the TV like the Mr. was!) as you watched Saturday's showdown between the Heels & the Pack.  It was a great game to  the very end, with an even better ending... unless you're a State fan! ;-)  Everyone was in a good mood at our house as we headed out into the wind & rain for our schools annual Trunk-or-Treat extravaganza.  Of course, we had to abandon decorating our cars & head into the gym but the kids didn't mind!  Lulu was quite proud to wear her costume after such a grand-finale!  So today we're still celebrating in true-blue fashion.  Come in to get that warm weather gear you suddenly need!  All shoes & clothing are 20% off today only!
Happy Monday!


Front Door Beauty

Hello lovlies!  I think I have shared with you that Fall is absolutely one of my favorite seasons, hands down!  I love the cool weather & fashion opportunities.  Hello, who doesn't love covering up a bit in boots, cozy sweaters, & jeans?  But that is beside the point.  I love any opportunity I have to change up the decor at home.  Don't worry I am not spilling any secrets the Mr. hasn't already figured out for himself.  I make him trudge up to the attic every holiday to pull down all of the decor I my girlies love!  I have been searching for inspiration for awhile now on what to do with the front porch & I realized I like the rustic look.  Who would of thought it right?  With all of the blinged out pink & blue & white going on in this house I wouldn't have labeled myself as rustic.  Let's be honest Bambi only shows up here on DVD & the word camo does not exist in this casa!  You are probably all wondering exactly what I would label rustic decor right about now so I'll show you.

Here's the inspiration I used for my front porch this year.

Southern Living Oct 2011

I love all of the purple & green cabbages but I haven't had any luck finding the greenery to put around the door. Shoot me a comment if you have any suggestions.

Here are a few ideas I'm filing away for next year:

Love, love, love the cedar siding with the urns here.  But I don't think the Mr. would think changing our brick to cedar was a holiday decor change!

  Not sure what I think of the corn but I do think this looks so cozy & inviting.

   Now here I love the corn maybe it's the green or maybe its the overabundance of pumpkins & mums with it.  I love that all of this would work right into Thanksgiving.  So I'm feeling pretty rustic right now & am hoping to convince the Mr. that the best way to embrace this new me is to rough it at a spa in the mountains!  What do you think?!

Now you'll have to excuse me, I have to go hang a great big tacky spider on the front of my rustic porch to scare Lulu!


Monogram Madness

Whew!  We are just back from Atlanta market finishing up our Spring 2013 apparel buy.  Yes, I said Spring....can you believe it?  We are not even through Halloween yet & already we have finished buying for next years warmer weather.  While we were there we ordered some new baubles from our favorite Monogram Maven, Moon & Lola.

 While we still love, love, love the classic gold & silver monograms they offer.  There are some new fun acrylic pieces that are a must-have.  All of these would make great Christmas gifts, so start checking your list!

Here are a few of our faves!


Fashion for a Cause

Don't forget to join us for a Fabulous Pink Party today as we celebrate all of the brave ladies who have in some way been touched by breast cancer.  My own fabulous mother is a 12 year survivor so this is a cause near & dear to my heart.  We'll be rocking it with a DJ, toasting with pink champagne & nibbling on pink cupcakes.  The best part?  20% of today's sales will be donated to the UNC Lineberger Cancer Center for their Turn the Town Pink event.  See you there!


Why Should a Leopard Change It's Spots?

This cooler weather has me pulling out some of my Fall basics & noticing they need a little oomph!  Adding some leopard print is a great way to up the wow factor but still keep your look classic.  Designers have left this timeless pattern in its natural state as a neutral this year which allows you to wear it with all of the jewel tones that are so fabulous right now.  But they have added details to make  the pattern special (look at the gold bauble Kate Spade added to her ballets!)  But don't take my word for it.  Some of our favorite icons know a little something about making a statement & look how they chose to do it!

Timeless right?  Who doesn't love to make an entrance!


Green With Envy

Good morning Lovelies!  Isn't this cool weather wonderful... almost good enough to make me like Monday mornings.  Almost, but not quite!  To go along with this Fall weather is one of my favorite Fall trends.    The color green is everywhere from nail polish to clothing to home accessories.  This beautiful jewel tone is complimentary to blondes, brunettes, & redheads.  I love it in a bold print or a solid.

So if haven't put some green in your wardrobe yet don't wait any longer.  Go green today!


Fashion Friday

We have made it to Friday & I'm looking forward to cooler weather.  Fall has many great trends that are easy to make work for you.  One of my favorites this season is statement jewelry.  I am a self proclaimed  bauble fiend, I mean really what girl isn't?  So this trend is a page straight out of my own (fashion) book!

We have lots of bold necklaces at the store in bright fun colors to add a little bling to some of your favorite fall pieces.  And the best part... most of them are $50 or less!  What girl could resist picking up a handful or two!

**As always anything shown here on Fashion Friday is for sale at Monkee's of Chapel Hill.  Call us at
919-967-6830 to add a little sparkle to your Friday!

Enjoy your weekend lovlies!


Words to Live By

Hello lovelies!  I am sorry for my lengthy silence.  But life has gotten in the way of my posts.  Without getting too deep I have hit a few bumps in the road.  So this morning I am sharing some of    my favorite quotes and inspirations I have pinned on Pinterest

I hope these will bring you happiness & inspire you in some way today as you start your week!


Words of Wisdom

Diane von Furstenburg has long been one of my fave designers.  She is not afraid to take a risk, as she did so many years ago when she first launched her wrap dresses.  She is a strong woman that follows her dreams, an inspiration to us all & a wonderful role model for young women around the world.  I saw this on Pinterest & just had to share!

I know this isn't our typical Fashion Friday post but wise words are always in fashion!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Seeing Red

Good morning Lovelies!  Who isn't loving this cooler weather?  One of the things I love most about a new season is the changing of trends.  One of the easiest trends to wear this Fall is putting a little pop of color into your wardrobe.  In seasons past Fall has been known for pretty neutrals but this season color is making a bold statement!  Red is one of the key colors you will see on everything from outerwear to shoes.  I like one bold piece paired with black to create a little drama.  Here are a few of our favorite statement pieces.

Kate Spade Simmone Jkt (absolutely love the pleats on this!)

Trina Turk Creative Jacket

Diane von Furstenburg Maeryn Dress

Kate Spade Kenmare Street Purse

One of the things that completes all of these pieces are the details.  They all have a little something extra that make them special.  If you are going to standout in red make sure you go all the way!

**As always, if you are coveting the pieces seen here give us a call at Monkee's of Chapel Hill