A Treat for You...20% off, No Trick!

Good morning lovelies! Hope you all weathered the weekends bad weather & enjoyed an excuse to be lazy!  We're sure most of you were on the edge of your seats ( & maybe yelling at the TV like the Mr. was!) as you watched Saturday's showdown between the Heels & the Pack.  It was a great game to  the very end, with an even better ending... unless you're a State fan! ;-)  Everyone was in a good mood at our house as we headed out into the wind & rain for our schools annual Trunk-or-Treat extravaganza.  Of course, we had to abandon decorating our cars & head into the gym but the kids didn't mind!  Lulu was quite proud to wear her costume after such a grand-finale!  So today we're still celebrating in true-blue fashion.  Come in to get that warm weather gear you suddenly need!  All shoes & clothing are 20% off today only!
Happy Monday!

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