Fashion Friday

TGIF.. and I do mean that.  I'm so excited about the holiday weekend coming up!  Just what I needed some good old family fun time.  I am sure many of you are starting your holiday celebrations this weekend and to help you stay cool & beat this heat wave bearing down on us, here is our Fashion Friday pick.

I love everything about this outfit.  The chevron stripe is a fun update to an easy tank and these pique shorts are ADOR-A-BLE!  Finish it off w/ classic & neutral accessories & you look cool & sophisticated.  The perfect outfit for family barbeques, cocktails by the pool, or picnics under the fireworks!
What are your plans for the weekend, are you going to brave the heat?


Fashion Jackpot

I must say, I am loving the new July issue of InStyle Magazine!  It has been a while since I have read a fashion mag cover to cover so quickly.  I know that sounds really strange coming from someone who owns a clothing & shoe store!  But like I confessed to you here I have been obsessed with decorating blogs & magazines for a while now & my fashion mags have felt neglected.  I can honestly say the July issue was full of many favorites: icons, hair tips, & summer fashion.  This is as good as it gets!  So here's a little montage of some of my fave features:


We Interrupt this post for Fashion Friday, oops Monday

Where has the time gone!  Summer is moving quickly & all of my good intentions (ie to-do list) are being over-looked.  Case in point, my Fashion Friday post is being posted on Monday because I spent Friday on the beach with the little belles.  I know, it's a rough life but somebody has to do it!  At least that's what I tell the Mr. when he's hauling himself out of bed at 5am & we're still snuggled under the covers.  But hey, somebody has to bring home the bacon & I have a ton of beauty rest to catch up on after such a busy school year!  Quick question, does anyone else wonder why you have to pull your children out of bed all year long but now that summer is here & we could all sleep an extra hour they are up & ready to go at 6:45am?  Clearly they have not been schooled on the rules of a Happy Mommy (sleep at 6am & cocktails at  6pm 5pm!)

But I digress.  Here is our Fashion Friday pick.  The perfect casual outfit.  Great staples for travel, running errands, a weekend cookout.  Pretty much anything that you want to look pulled together for without a lot of effort.

As always if you love anything you see, call us at 919-967-6830.  We are happy to ship anywhere in the country!


I've got a Design Crush

I figure I will let you all in a little design crush I've got.  Just promise you won't beat me to the punch & hire my dream decorator!  I am talking Maj-or Love here, people.  Her name is Ruthie Sommers & she knows how to pull it all together to make a statement.  Her interiors combine two of my favorite design elements, color & chinoiserie.  I haven't seen a room she's designed yet that I haven't loved.  But I'll let you decide for yourself!

This has got to be one of my all time favorites.  You know I'm crazy for blue & white.  What's not to love here?

Can't you just see my little Southern belles in here!  So homey & bright.  The perfect family room for us.  The only thing missing is our Candy Land game board.

Now I know if my home office looked like this (instead of the dark hole the Husband is "sharing" with me) I would get some serious work done.  I love it all... the girly details, the family photos, the clean desk....  The only thing missing here, is me!

I love everything about this pool house/loggia.
Here's a more detailed view of that console.  Yes, that is a coral elephant console!  BRILLIANT!

This room is perfect for any little princess.  I love, love, love all of the pink & the toile canopy.  It's a room any little girl would be lucky to grow into.  I just happen to know two who would gladly volunteer!

While I was digging around stalking researching Mrs. Sommers I found this from a Mother's Day post on Tory Burch's blog.  It's advice Ruthie has always cherished that her mother has passed on.  I am sensing that we could be BFF's.  Clearly we have so much in common!
Endearing, right?  Who wouldn't love Ruthie Sommers & her sweet mom too!  I just hope that someone is listening to all of the wisdom I have tried to impart to my girlies & if they want to type it up for them to carry with them at all times, that would be just fine with me!



If you remember my first post I told you that I am a big fan of coral lipstick.  I must confess, I am a sucker for all  things coral.  Interiors, jewelry, (I won't even tell you how many coral bracelets & necklaces I counted when I cleaned out my jewelry drawer!) flowers... I could go on & on.  But I won't bore you with my list.  Instead I've got a little color love to share.

Pretty spectacular, right?  What is your go to color for summer?


Going to the Chapel

Well now that we are in the middle of June (can you believe it!), I guess we can say wedding season has officially begun.  Whether you are saying "I do" or a spectator everyone wants to make a lasting impression.  This Fashion Friday we have pulled together some of our very favorite dresses that will work for the bride or her BFF.  The good news is they are not limited to weddings & can certainly be worn again for  many other occasions (I know, so cliche, right?)  But it's true, these dresses are so beautiful you'll want to plan your own parties so you can pull them out again!

You can dance the night away in these showstoppers.  I love the feminine details.  The dress by Kirribilla would make a stunning rehearsal dinner dress for the bride-to-be.

Can't you just imagine walking barefoot in the sand on a sunset beach in these beauties.  Throw them in the suitcase for a girls trip later on or if you're the bride, pack them for your honeymoon.

Of course, all us southern belles like a sweet romantic look.  I adore both of these for a bridesmaid luncheon or for an early evening wedding in a historical garden.  Can't you just smell the Magnolias & Confederate Jasmine?

Last, but certainly not least is the mother of the bride.  This day is just as important for her & let's face it she is the one that will be convincing dear old Dad to stroke the check for all that his little girl wants!  So you want her to look radiant & be the picture perfect hostess.  We've got her covered!

Hope you have a great weekend and don't crash any weddings!

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Essentials from a Style Master

Everyone knows how big a fan we at Monkee's are of Tory Burch.  Her fashion sense & style has become a staple for us personally, as well as our customers.  We love her classic silhouettes & her ladylike attention to the details.  We also think she has pretty good style advice so check out what she recently posted on her blog!

                                  ASK TORY: SUMMER ESSENTIALS

In this photo, Tory is wearing the Brigitte Blouse and Ollie Shorts.

Q: I’m getting ready for summer Fridays and long weekends. What are the five things I need? — Daniela, Maryland
A: My boys and I are counting down the days — we spend our weekends in Southampton. We go to clam bakes, we fish, and my boys surf (I watch), so layers are essential — a graphic button-down shirt I throw over shorts, a classic cotton cardigan, white jeans and flat sandals. And, of course, sunglasses and a swimsuit! — Tory

Pretty good advice, don't ya think?  Now if only I could join her in the Hamptons.  Life would be REAL good!


A Weekend Getaway

Last week my girls finished school & we headed out of town.  We headed up the road to Edenton, NC to celebrate our niece's high school graduation & acceptance in UNC (go Heels!)  It was a wonderful weekend in a quaint & charming town.  I had never been to Edenton but I fell in love with all of it's small town charm.  Even the husband relaxed.  Her are a few pics from our getaway...

These were the gardens at the historic Cupola House, located downtown.  They were beautiful & gave the Mr. & I some great ideas for our own backyard.

After 4 hours in the car with the girlies we were all anxious to get out & explore.  We headed downtown for dinner.  The downtown area is located on the water & was so charming.  None of the shops were open so I didn't get to make the Mr. break a sweat (or the bank) but don't worry, we will be going back!  Anyway this is the magnificent view we were greeted with.  It was breathtaking.  There were gorgeous old oak trees draped in Spanish Moss (a Southern staple!) & old men sat on benches fishing.  It doesn't get any more charming than this

All in all, a wonderful start to our summer.  And I've already found a beautiful bed & breakfast that we'll stay at for our next visit.
The Granville Queen Inn


Oh the Places You'll Go

Today's Fashion Friday post features the Esperanza dress by Trina Turk.  Not only do I love the bold color & print Mrs. Turk has used but I love that the style is so versatile. 

This dress can take you from work, to cocktails with the girls, to an afternoon of shopping on the coast.  By choosing the more serious (but very chic) accessories we've featured here, you are automatically work appropriate!  The Sylvia Benson earrings & Kate Spade wedge anchor the bold print of the dress, while still making a stylish fashion statement.  And we all know that Tory Burch can do no wrong!  The vibrant red of the Kipp bag adds a fun touch & the size is perfect for carrying everything you may need for your after office excursions!

And for a more casual day of shopping I would just change up your accessories.  Swap the patent belt for a wider casual style & put on a pair of flats.  Don't forget your sunnies & a hat to protect that gorgeous skin & you're set!  Hope you have a good weekend.  What are you up to?


Mad Hatter

So tomorrow is the last day of school for my oldest.  I for one am ready for some time off from the daily grind of a schedule, carpool, homework... the list goes on & on!  So I've got the kiddos signed up for a few camps throughout the summer but mostly we're just hanging at the beach.  I can't wait to help them look for shells, picnic in the sand, & relax by the water.  Of course, I'll have plenty of sunscreen & sunhats to keep the wrinkles at bay!  Here's to hoping I can look this sophisticated...

Sans the cigarette, of course!


Bittersweet Milestones

As I told you last week, we have had so much going on here at home.  While it is always with such pride & joy that I watch my daughters excel in their accomplishments, it is also with a heavy heart.  Last week was the end of a chapter for me.  My little Lulu graduated preschool.  That's right, my baby is heading off to Kindergarten in the fall & Mommy is in full pity-party mode!  The Mr. has tried to be supportive as he's watched this emotional roller coaster from the sidelines.  And by supportive I mean he's poured himself lots of extra cocktails to help ease my sorrows.

Lulu's last preschool fieldtrip.

My little fairy dancing her heart out at her recital!
Graduating from preschool.

So I will begin to try and graciously prepare myself for this next phase in life.  A phase where I am the mother of two little ladies & not babies.  A phase where another becomes the teacher.  A phase where both my children spend more time with their new teachers than with the one who taught them to love unconditionally.  A phase where I will have to let go just a little (baby steps here, people!)
I know I should be thankful for all of my blessings (& I am!)  I just didn't expect those blessings to grow up so quickly....


It's all in the Details

     I have to admit that I love bows.  I know, I know it is definately a Southern thing!  From the time both of my Southern belles came into this world they have worn bows.  They were both blessed with a head full of dark hair & a little bow complimented all of those gorgeous smocked outfits they wore.
     But bows aren't just for little girls.  They can  be sophisticated when done right and add a touch of whimsy when needed.  They are the perfect finishing touch....

Olivia Palermo certainly got it right!

I love the simplicity of this!

Only Valentino could make something so over the top look so stunning

And just to show you, I practice what I preach.... here's a little glimpse into the bow situation around our house!


Fashion Friday

Sorry for the silence.  We've had lots going on here at home, which I'll share with you later.  But no need to get off track.  It's Friday & time to celebrate with a little fashion!  Now that summer is officially here we've put together all you need to be a beach beauty.

There is nothing basic about this suit from Shoshanna.  It's a classic shape with beautiful turquoise details that will make you a standout!  Every beach girl should be prepared for drinks on the dock or lunch with friends.  These pretty little sandals & cover up will give you the coverage you need without sacrificing style.  Don't forget a fun pedicure, sunnies,  & a great book to throw in your beach bag. Slather on the SPF & your good to go!