Fashion Friday

Today's Fashion Friday post is a real treat!  In retail we call these next 2 months our transitional season, even though it will be 110 degrees for the next 45 days!  During this time we try to bring in pieces that can help you transition your summer wardrobe into fall.  We've actually received quite a few things already & they are all around $100 or less.  That's right, they are very fashionable & very affordable too!  I actually snagged a few of these for myself when I was in the store yesterday!  I can't wait to wear the Jade top with some white jeans.

Hope you have some fun planned for the weekend.  My plans of sitting on the beach & doing nothing were ruined when our oldest daughter hit her eye & had to get stitches Wednesday night.  No pool or beach for 5 whole days!  Now I will feel like I have to clean out my closet while I'm home....


Reality Check

There's one thing about myself I haven't shared with you.  I have it bad for George Clooney, I mean BAD!  So much so that the Mr. & I have an understanding that if George comes knocking on my door I will only be able to run as fast as I can to whatever romantic destination he wants to whisk me off to.  What?  It could happen.

Come on, can you blame me?  Anyway, I know he's been dating some girl, Stacy Whatever her name is.  I figured she was just another one of his pretty girls he would date while he waited for his chance encounter with moi.  Like I said, it could happen.

Well today I see that they are vacationing with both of their parents at his villa in Italy.  Reality check!  Do you think this could be getting serious?  Do you think she may finally be the one to get him to commit?  More importantly, what does this mean for me?

I've been prepared not to like her.  I know she's so beautiful & tall & goddessy....what's not to like, right?  Then I see this picture of her wearing one of my fave dresses by one of our fave designers, Shoshanna.

I'm starting to realize we have lots in common.  She's blonde, I used to be blonde.  She wears Shoshanna, I wear Shoshanna, she has George, I want George....  Do you see where I'm going with this?  Exactly!  I think he picked her because he knows I'm taken.  It's the only logical excuse.  So if you see Stacy sunning at my villa with my man, tell her I want him back.  Oh, & tell her I want my dress back too.  Because we have to be the same size!


Happy Hump Day!

Just had to share this happy little video featuring our original manager Lindsey Cheek.  She's the one in the orange top with the gorgeous smile and if you look closely you'll see a cameo appearance of her beautiful little baby Tilley-Gray!  You can follow Lindsey over at her blog Fifi Cheek for more inspiration.

There is so much to like about this video.  Beautiful girls, great smiles, great fashion color, & a great way to advertise.  Now if only I could find a group so willing to dance & perform for Monkee's!  Happy hump day!


Fashion Friday

It is hard to believe that Fall clothing & shoes are already being delivered to the store.  But staples such as these are already being snapped up!  We think this is a perfect way to bring some designer details to your work wardrobe & I would throw that blouse on with a pair of skinnies in a hot minute.  All pieces that aren't so basic & can be mixed & matched for multiple uses.  Of course, I am an accessory girl so I'm loving the sunnies (named after my fave style icon) & the pop of color Kate brings to our black & white palette!

Happy Weekend!


A Day in the Life

Hello Lovelies!  I am so sorry about all the white space this past week & a half.  I wish I could tell you I had been travelling somewhere exotic.

But in reality my life has been quite hectic & discombobulated!  As I mentioned here we recently hired two new managers that I absolutely adore.  So last week I took a road trip to Chapel Hill & stayed for 3 days to train them & get things in order.

 It was a whirlwind stay of teaching computers, policies, & procedures.  There was also a ton of purging, organizing, & cleaning to be done.  Glamorous right?!

I must say it was nice to have an exended stay at the store as I'm usually going up & back in the same day.  I was able to see what areas we need to focus on a little more & it was a real treat to get to socialize with all of the girls each night after work.

All of this would have been fine if I wasn't expecting company at my house the day after I returned.  My youngest sister came to visit with her 3 little ones (all under the age of 3!) for 5 days.  It was a wonderful visit & I was so glad to have the time to really visit with my neices & nephew.  My girls were pretty ecstatic to get to have their cousins here for 5 days.

But it was also a challenge.  With 5 kids I felt like all I did was clean, cook, & referee all of the arguments over toys!  I also had forgotten what it is like to have a one year old around & found myself having to pull a lot of things up off of my tables & shelves.  I think I made my sister very nervous.

Add to this that I was trying to work w/ my new managers extensively over the phone in the midst of all the noise & chaos!  Lots of wine was consumed & I was on edge & not the most pleasant hostess.  Luckily, your family loves you even at your worst!  To top all of this  loveliness off my 8 year old got a stomach bug monday night.  So as the guests were pulling out yesterday I was playing nursemaid to her.  Poor baby!  I think she is on the mend & I am holding my breath that it doesn't run through our house like wildfire.  Fingers crossed!  So yesterday was a day to reclaim order.... I changed the linens on all 5 beds & washed & ironed all of the dirty ones (yes I am that girl!)  Disinfected all 4 of the bathrooms because there could have been germs trying to take over the house.  Took my youngest to swim lessons.  Scheduled appointments for my NY shoe buying trip & fielded a few phone calls in between!

So today we trying to get back on schedule.  I have a to-do list a mile & have begun planning Lulu's 5th birthday party.  All I can say is mermaids & waterslides!


Meet our new Managers!

We have been going through some exciting changes at Monkee's.  Last week two new managers took the helm in Chapel Hill.  I went up & stayed a few days to work along side them & help with their training.  I have no doubt that they will shake things up & bring some much needed excitement to The Hill.  If their warm smiles & friendly laughter doesn't win you over immediately their impeccable sense of fashion will!  I am so happy to have them as part of my team & look forward to what they will bring to Monkee's!  So before I continue to gush on & on here are Anna & Caroline...


Fashion Friday

Here's a few of our absolute fave necessities to get you through this summer heat wave!  Perfect for a vacay on the beach or a stacay.  Come on now, even if you're not trotting off somewhere for the summer you still gotta look good!  A girl never knows who she'll run into at the grocery store!


Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!  I hope you are doing plenty of this....

Remembering those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our wonderful country & those who continue to give so selflessly everyday to ensure our safety & freedom.

Filling your home with family, friends, food & good old American pride!

Enjoying some beautiful fireworks wherever you are this holiday.


Life is Good

I'm feelin' all kinds of relaxed as we gear up for the 4th of July.  Things are falling into place & I can stop to enjoy the view.  The Mr. is even getting into the mix & feeling extra social this week.  We have a party tonight, a barbeque with fireworks on Wednesday, & dinner out with friends Thursday.  Whew, that is like a marathon around these parts!  Don't worry there will be plenty of relaxing on the beach with the girlies & some extra cocktails to slow the pace.  I wouldn't want him to wear himself out before the weekend!  Hope your week is off to a good start!  xo


Favorite Foods

I just had to share one of the new favorites in our home!  These Shrimp & Guacamole Tostados are heatlthy, quick, & tasty!  They have quickly become a summer staple around our house & I'm sure you'll love them too.
via Pinterest

 We had some dear friends over for dinner a few weeks ago & I served these as our main dish.  It was fun & unexpected.  More importantly, for a self-proclaimed Type A like myself, they were fast & easy to prepare.  I was able to put everything together ahead of time & pop them in the oven as they arrived. It allowed lots of time for socializing & cocktailing.  Isn't that the only reason to have friends for dinner?
Try them I know you'll love them!