A Day in the Life

Hello Lovelies!  I am so sorry about all the white space this past week & a half.  I wish I could tell you I had been travelling somewhere exotic.

But in reality my life has been quite hectic & discombobulated!  As I mentioned here we recently hired two new managers that I absolutely adore.  So last week I took a road trip to Chapel Hill & stayed for 3 days to train them & get things in order.

 It was a whirlwind stay of teaching computers, policies, & procedures.  There was also a ton of purging, organizing, & cleaning to be done.  Glamorous right?!

I must say it was nice to have an exended stay at the store as I'm usually going up & back in the same day.  I was able to see what areas we need to focus on a little more & it was a real treat to get to socialize with all of the girls each night after work.

All of this would have been fine if I wasn't expecting company at my house the day after I returned.  My youngest sister came to visit with her 3 little ones (all under the age of 3!) for 5 days.  It was a wonderful visit & I was so glad to have the time to really visit with my neices & nephew.  My girls were pretty ecstatic to get to have their cousins here for 5 days.

But it was also a challenge.  With 5 kids I felt like all I did was clean, cook, & referee all of the arguments over toys!  I also had forgotten what it is like to have a one year old around & found myself having to pull a lot of things up off of my tables & shelves.  I think I made my sister very nervous.

Add to this that I was trying to work w/ my new managers extensively over the phone in the midst of all the noise & chaos!  Lots of wine was consumed & I was on edge & not the most pleasant hostess.  Luckily, your family loves you even at your worst!  To top all of this  loveliness off my 8 year old got a stomach bug monday night.  So as the guests were pulling out yesterday I was playing nursemaid to her.  Poor baby!  I think she is on the mend & I am holding my breath that it doesn't run through our house like wildfire.  Fingers crossed!  So yesterday was a day to reclaim order.... I changed the linens on all 5 beds & washed & ironed all of the dirty ones (yes I am that girl!)  Disinfected all 4 of the bathrooms because there could have been germs trying to take over the house.  Took my youngest to swim lessons.  Scheduled appointments for my NY shoe buying trip & fielded a few phone calls in between!

So today we trying to get back on schedule.  I have a to-do list a mile & have begun planning Lulu's 5th birthday party.  All I can say is mermaids & waterslides!

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