Fashion Friday

Today's Fashion Friday post is a real treat!  In retail we call these next 2 months our transitional season, even though it will be 110 degrees for the next 45 days!  During this time we try to bring in pieces that can help you transition your summer wardrobe into fall.  We've actually received quite a few things already & they are all around $100 or less.  That's right, they are very fashionable & very affordable too!  I actually snagged a few of these for myself when I was in the store yesterday!  I can't wait to wear the Jade top with some white jeans.

Hope you have some fun planned for the weekend.  My plans of sitting on the beach & doing nothing were ruined when our oldest daughter hit her eye & had to get stitches Wednesday night.  No pool or beach for 5 whole days!  Now I will feel like I have to clean out my closet while I'm home....

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