Happy Birthday Lulu!

I just couldn't let today pass without wishing my little ladybug Lulu a very Happy Birthday!  She has brought us 5 years of immeasurable joy, pride, & love.  I can remember worrying when I was pregnant that I just couldn't love another child as much as I did my first.  But boy was I ever wrong!  She is my baby, the one with so much spunk & spirit that I often times worry what harm will come to her with her "No Fear" mentality.  At the same time she is often a little clingy in new situations & afraid of the tiniest noises.  She is a contradiction in life as all women should be!  She is the best of all things: she loves fiercely with all her heart, adores all things sparkly, & has a wicked sense of humor!

Happy birthday my darling, darling girl!  I can only hope that your life will be filled with as much joy as you have brought us in these 5 short years! XOXOXO


  1. Happy Birthday to Lulu! Ironically, my daughter Claire, is also turning five today!
    The stars must have aligned perfectly for us both to get such sweet and spunky girls on the very same day. Hope your celebration is wonderful...

  2. I remember meeting Lulu on one of my first trips to Wilmington to sign my paperwork! You had just had her...I can't believe it's been 5 years already! Happy Birthday to your beautiful Lulu!
    PS- I love Eloise, too!