The Big Apple

About two weeks ago Caroline & I went up to NY for our Spring/Summer 2013 buy.  That's right, Fall has not even blown a cool breeze our way but we are thinking a year ahead here!  This was Caroline's first buying trip with me so it was fun to show her all of our favorite showrooms.  We ended our first day of shopping buying at Kate Spade's new showroom.  Kate did not disappoint.  Girl knows how to rock the Whimsy!  The new digs were fab, filled with lots of girlie details & color.  Here are some of  my favorite things in her new space!

I loved these flowers made from paper she had climbing up the walls

Who doesn't love a little bling!

Sitting pretty!
I also loved the windows at one of my fave all time designers, Mr. Louis Vuitton.  I'm sensing a theme with all of the 3-D flowers!

I know this one is a little strange but the detail was A-Mazing!  And who am I to debate the genius of Mr. Vuitton, or his window dressers!  The big debate was whether this was a live model or not.  I'm telling you she had tiny wrinkles in her hands & face that made me think she was real.  But she never moved & we were there several minutes waiting to see if she would.  Caroline even broke down & did the running man to make her laugh but nothing.  Wish I had a picture of that!

Then we were off to the maven of all things fashion, Mrs. Tory Burch!  Love her showroom with all of the brass & lucite.  She keeps things very monochromatic with orange & green so it's not too over the top.

Who doesn't love some blue & white china!
My final destination was the mecca of all things fashion & girl in the Big Apple. 

That's right, you guessed it...American Girl.  I am sure that was on the top of all of your lists!  I was given a list of wants needs from Lulu before I left.  So I decided to get her birthday gift marked off my list.  She did not get this VW but I loved it.  My girls play PunchBug anytime we are in the car & I thought this was adorable.  I guess I can start using my "Santa is watching" mantra a little early this year!

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