Getting to know you....

I thought the best way to introduce myself to you is to give you a little insight into what makes me, well, me.  Some of these are things I love but others are just what makes me tick.  Anyway you cut it, I'm a pretty lucky girl that is doing what I love & loving every minute of it!

1.  I am the mother of two darling daughters.  They are the smartest, prettiest, sweetest little girls around.  And no I'm not biased,  just ask my husband or their grandparents.  They'll tell you the same exact thing!

2.  My favorite fashion icons are Jackie Kennedy & Audrey Hepburn.  Both ladies were the epitomy of class.  Their sense of style was impeccable & they still manage to have a presence that influences all of us.

3.  Obviously, I just outted myself as a someone who tends to gravitate toward more classic styles.  (sigh)  It's true I've rarely met a flat I didn't like... but I have been known to jazz it up a bit with a few baubles on the toe, my wrist, my neck.  Pretty much anywhere I can put a statement piece of jewelry!
Miu Miu

Loren Hope Libby Necklace

Loren Hope Dabney Bib Necklace

4.  I am obsessed with all things home decor related.  Sometimes it seems like  I am crazier about it than fashion.  Shhh don't tell, it's only sometimes!  I like to say that I don't discriminate, I love all things beautiful.

5.  Which leads me to my next confession.  I have never met a beauty product I didn't like.  I love a little shimmer, coral lipstick with a tan, & colorful nail polish.  It doesn't matter if it's the drug store or Sephora, I can't walk out without a new purchase for my already bulging cosmetic bag!

6.  I have a problem not sweating the small stuff.  Dirty fingerprints on the wall  raise my blood pressure & don't even get me started on 2nd grade math.  I've tried the whole counting to 10 thing & I want to know who does that work for? 

7.  I am the proud owner of Monkee's shoe & clothing boutique located in Chapel Hill, NC.  It is a blessing to be able to do what I love & be a role model for my daughters.

8.  I live in Wilmington, NC.  Yes, the beautiful beach is a 10 minute drive from my home and yes, I did say my store is in Chapel Hill!  It gives me the best of both worlds.

9.  I adore all things southern.  Good manners, hydrangeas, white brick, & colorful sundresses to name a few. 

10.  As a born & bred Southern Belle I believe in passing on words of wisdom to my little belles.  Yes ma'am & thank you are a must.  Always remember to be a gracious hostess.  Emails & texts do not count as a thank you note and... always, always wear lipstick!

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