Manic Monday

As a mom, business owner, & (I might as well be truthful here) type A personality, I live by lists.  Mondays are normally so overwhelming because I can't make life easy.  I start the week w/ a list a mile long.  I know, I know, I have good intentions but let's face it, it won't all get done on Monday.  That was step 1, admitting I have a problem (of over-organizing)!

Now that I've admitted the problem, here is my solution.  Oh, I'll still live by a list.  I can't quit cold turkey!  But they'll be kept a little more in check & more stylishly.  Let's face it that was really what this was all about, an excuse for me to buy something small & cute!  The husband has plenty of toys so I thought I was well-deserving too!  Here is my newest companion:

Target Mara Mi

It takes lists to a whole new level.  I love how darling the paper is inside of it.  How can I not be happy each time I open it.  There are multiple sized pads w/ oh so smart headings like "To-do's" & "Lists".  How inspiring right!  And it folds up to keep everything neatly organized & in place into the shape of a passport.  Which reminds me to add another item to my list, convince the husband how desperate I am to go to Paris!

The best little thing about this jewel, it comes from TARGET! I just screamed that in my best Oprah voice so you will know how much I love that place.  They are quite genius.  Creating the Mom-Mecca, as I like to call it.  I mean putting everything under one roof so they can just suck you right in!  Come on, genius!  While I was buying my new passport holder notepad I picked up these fun invitations.  You never know when they may come in handy & as a Type A, I must always be prepared!
Target, not available online

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