Essentials from a Style Master

Everyone knows how big a fan we at Monkee's are of Tory Burch.  Her fashion sense & style has become a staple for us personally, as well as our customers.  We love her classic silhouettes & her ladylike attention to the details.  We also think she has pretty good style advice so check out what she recently posted on her blog!

                                  ASK TORY: SUMMER ESSENTIALS

In this photo, Tory is wearing the Brigitte Blouse and Ollie Shorts.

Q: I’m getting ready for summer Fridays and long weekends. What are the five things I need? — Daniela, Maryland
A: My boys and I are counting down the days — we spend our weekends in Southampton. We go to clam bakes, we fish, and my boys surf (I watch), so layers are essential — a graphic button-down shirt I throw over shorts, a classic cotton cardigan, white jeans and flat sandals. And, of course, sunglasses and a swimsuit! — Tory

Pretty good advice, don't ya think?  Now if only I could join her in the Hamptons.  Life would be REAL good!

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