We Interrupt this post for Fashion Friday, oops Monday

Where has the time gone!  Summer is moving quickly & all of my good intentions (ie to-do list) are being over-looked.  Case in point, my Fashion Friday post is being posted on Monday because I spent Friday on the beach with the little belles.  I know, it's a rough life but somebody has to do it!  At least that's what I tell the Mr. when he's hauling himself out of bed at 5am & we're still snuggled under the covers.  But hey, somebody has to bring home the bacon & I have a ton of beauty rest to catch up on after such a busy school year!  Quick question, does anyone else wonder why you have to pull your children out of bed all year long but now that summer is here & we could all sleep an extra hour they are up & ready to go at 6:45am?  Clearly they have not been schooled on the rules of a Happy Mommy (sleep at 6am & cocktails at  6pm 5pm!)

But I digress.  Here is our Fashion Friday pick.  The perfect casual outfit.  Great staples for travel, running errands, a weekend cookout.  Pretty much anything that you want to look pulled together for without a lot of effort.

As always if you love anything you see, call us at 919-967-6830.  We are happy to ship anywhere in the country!

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