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Hello lovlies!  I think I have shared with you that Fall is absolutely one of my favorite seasons, hands down!  I love the cool weather & fashion opportunities.  Hello, who doesn't love covering up a bit in boots, cozy sweaters, & jeans?  But that is beside the point.  I love any opportunity I have to change up the decor at home.  Don't worry I am not spilling any secrets the Mr. hasn't already figured out for himself.  I make him trudge up to the attic every holiday to pull down all of the decor I my girlies love!  I have been searching for inspiration for awhile now on what to do with the front porch & I realized I like the rustic look.  Who would of thought it right?  With all of the blinged out pink & blue & white going on in this house I wouldn't have labeled myself as rustic.  Let's be honest Bambi only shows up here on DVD & the word camo does not exist in this casa!  You are probably all wondering exactly what I would label rustic decor right about now so I'll show you.

Here's the inspiration I used for my front porch this year.

Southern Living Oct 2011

I love all of the purple & green cabbages but I haven't had any luck finding the greenery to put around the door. Shoot me a comment if you have any suggestions.

Here are a few ideas I'm filing away for next year:

Love, love, love the cedar siding with the urns here.  But I don't think the Mr. would think changing our brick to cedar was a holiday decor change!

  Not sure what I think of the corn but I do think this looks so cozy & inviting.

   Now here I love the corn maybe it's the green or maybe its the overabundance of pumpkins & mums with it.  I love that all of this would work right into Thanksgiving.  So I'm feeling pretty rustic right now & am hoping to convince the Mr. that the best way to embrace this new me is to rough it at a spa in the mountains!  What do you think?!

Now you'll have to excuse me, I have to go hang a great big tacky spider on the front of my rustic porch to scare Lulu!

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